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"I have tried few teeth whitening options and none of them worked for me. Upon googling, Olive Branch was the first name that popped up, and I can see why. Tanya is super friendly and extremely passionate about her job. Excellent job on cleaning and whitening, overall great experience and I will definitely be going back to her. Highly recommended." - Manbir Singh

Tanya | RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Meet Tanya, the Registered Dental Hygienist who created the Olive Branch dental hygiene & teeth whitening clinic.

Tanya has been in the dental industry for over 13 years.  She started her career as a surgical dental assistant.  After realizing she had a strong and loyal patient following, Tanya was inspired to create her very own dental hygiene spa.

Since then Tanya has worked with patients from all walks of life, including some rather famous individuals.  She has even appeared in a Crest TV commercial as a dental hygienist!


treatment coordinator

Shelby has nearly a decade of experience in dentistry as a dental receptionist.

During her spare time Shelby enjoys relaxing with her fiance and two dogs Motley and Olive.

Shelby has worked with Tanya for nearly five years since they worked together at the same dental office in Gastown, Vancouver.  Since then, Tanya and Shelby have become good friends and enjoy sharing each others company at lively dinner parties!

Dental Hygiene made Easy.

Call us today and ask about our current 
promotions on cleaning and whitening!

Dental Hygiene made Easy.

Call us today and ask about
our current promotions on
cleaning and whitening!


A few kind words from our patients

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5.0 Stars - Based on 35 User Reviews

  • The best experience I ever had at any dental office in my entire life! Clean, modern & cozy facilities. Zero waiting time to be seen. AND pet friendly to my small poodle child. These attributes should be standard to all dental offices, yet we all know it's rare that a location can check all of the above. Well - Tanya's office did more than check check check all my expectations. She surpassed it by being forthcoming with me, and actually deterring me from moving forward with the whitening I had booked in with her. After the teeth cleaning, she noticed my teeth were very white and expressed that moving forward with the costly whitening would give ephemeral results that would likely last no longer than a few weeks, given how white my teeth were already. Imagine that! A professional suggesting you do something which is in your own best interest, rather than proceeding with the treatment and pocketing a few hundred bucks. I have SO much respect for you Tanya. Thank you.

    Coach Andie Alexa Avatar
    Coach Andie Alexa

    What am amazing experience.
    Like many I don’t like the dentist but my first visit couldn’t of been any better. Who team makes you feel welcome and safe. Didn’t feel like I was in a dentist chair with headphones on and watching the tv above me. I’ve never seen my teeth so white especially being an ex smoker, thank you!!

    Rawnie Dewhurst Avatar
    Rawnie Dewhurst

    Excellent service, very clean and honest advise, best experience at a dental office I ever had

    BOB SWEET Avatar
  • Tanya was honest, caring and had an absolutely great attitude! She knows her stuff!! I highly recommend Olive Branch!!

    Robbyn Tilley Avatar
    Robbyn Tilley

    Tanya, you're an angel! Best hygienist ever! 🙂

    Ashley Avatar

    Today was a Special day for me, I learned what it is actually supposed to feel like when getting your teeth cleaned and taken care of by the best in the business. Tanya at Olive Branch not only is a master and artist at her profession and craft , but I really got a deep sense that she cares about her clients and the wellbeing of their oral health and hygiene. She is truly amazing, gifted, kind, beautiful and Fun to be around ! I felt enlightened and even learned more about my own teeth and how to take care of them better. What an amazing and Unparalleled Experience ! Thank you So Much Tanya and her lovely Staff (Shout out to Shelby !) @OLIVEBRANCH !!!

    Ritesh khare Avatar
    Ritesh khare
  • What excellent service, super pro and down to earth. Truly care and love the job 🙂

    Rosemarie Maldonado Avatar
    Rosemarie Maldonado

    I absolutely dread getting my teeth cleaned, along with dental offices and dentists for that matter. Olive Branch though, was a whole different experience. Walking in I instantly felt so at ease and comfortable that I honestly forgot I was there to get my teeth cleaned (and whitened). Tanya is so superb at her skill and brilliant with her vision of what she wanted people to experience while there. Shelby is the receptionist and she completes the whole experience. Both Shelby and Tanya give off a beautiful vibe. Will definitely be getting my teeth cleaned professionally more often. Tanya is also so knowledgeable, I felt like she gave me a consultation about my teeth and dental options as well.
    Highly recommend!

    Thank you Shelby and Tanya!
    Happy New Year!

    B Mirisk Avatar
    B Mirisk

    Tanya is absolutely amazing! She is such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind soul. I love coming to her for my teeth cleaning. During my visit, she is informative, gentle and takes her time. Shelby, the receptionist, is also very amazing!! I would highly recommend this office.

    sandeep sangha Avatar
    sandeep sangha
  • Best experience I've had in a dental office! Tanya makes you feel at home and she doesn't give you that hurried feeling you get at most dentists. She really informs you about maintenance as well. Definitely recommend

    Veronica Amin Avatar
    Veronica Amin

    Simply ......wow ! I have to say first thatall my life I’ve never been keen on the dentist , the sharp metal scraping on my teeth !??!! Now let me begin .... I went here to get my teeth cleaned ....... or did I ?? The whole experience was nothing out of the ordinary . From the moment I walked in , being greeted by super friendly staff , to the moment I sat down in the chair , was an experience i have to say was more then pleasant . I step into the future of dental hygiene. Your surroundings , the ambiance... put me in a place where the cleaning of my teeth was the least thing on my mind , and then I was done ! Before I knew it my teeth were cleaned ! The next level of Dental hygiene. Highly recommend!!

    AlekosandMaro Zoubos Avatar
    AlekosandMaro Zoubos

    Tanya was super friendly and professional, making the visit one of the most comfortable experiences I've had getting a cleaning. Getting whitened the same visit by her, which also was super comfortable with no trouble at all (even being one with a bad gag relex)
    In summary, amazing service for an extremely reasonable cost, with wonderful over the phone and front desk customer service as well

    Justin Hale Avatar
    Justin Hale
  • The office is very clean and beautifully laid out.
    Shelby was very kind and informative, taking time to teach good teeth hygiene habits and recommended a variety of products for me to use at home. She was very gentle while doing the cleaning and checked in to make sure I was comfortable the whole time!

    Isaac Li Avatar
    Isaac Li

    Tanya has been so incredible!!! My teeth are so white and so clean, the best thing though is how cleaning did not hurt! Shes so careful n she takes her time, thank u so much Olive Branch

    Gurneet Dosanjh Avatar
    Gurneet Dosanjh

    Wonderful experience! The owner is fabulous and you’ll fall in love with her right away. She’s professional, meticulous and provides quality service and information. Highly recommend!

    Myrna Cabaluna Avatar
    Myrna Cabaluna
  • I went to get my plaque removal today and I can tell you that all the reviews here are legitimate. I had such a wonderful experience and Tanya is very skilled and diligent with her work. In addition, you can instantly tell how genuine the they are because they are customer service/care oriented first. Solid 10/10

    This is officially going to be my go-to place for dental hygiene from now on.

    Nick Kim Avatar
    Nick Kim

    Hands down, the most positive dental experience I've ever had. Highly recommend Olive Branch.

    Tanya is approachable, knowledgeable, and so passionate about ensuring people have the knowledge and tools they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums for the rest of their lives.

    I'm looking forward to my next appointment and cannot imagine going anywhere else.

    Sarah Dietelbach Avatar
    Sarah Dietelbach

    Amazing service and experience! Came in for teeth whitening and got way more than expected. Not only does Tanya make it super comfortable with headset and Netflix. She explained the process and informed me about all the things I need to do to enhance my dental health for the future. Top notch!!

    Nancy Che Avatar
    Nancy Che
  • Tanya is definitely the best dental hygienist I’ve ever seen so far! Moved from Victoria to Burnaby about 1 year ago and had a terrible experience at a dental clinic in metrotown area. I was very frustrated back then since it’s so hard to find a reliable dental hygienist in a new city. Until today, I met Tanya! She did a excellent job of teeth cleaning and she also took time to explain to patient of how to protect teeth. After I finished my appointment , I booked another appointment for my husband right away! I will definitely use Tanya as my go to person for dental hygiene. Don’t hesitate and book your first appointment with Tanya and you will never regret!

    Emily Li Avatar
    Emily Li

    What can I say, I have never had such a amazing and positive experience at a dental office, Tanya is absolutely amazing,she knows her stuff when it comes to the health of your teeth.

    She is very welcoming and has a great energy about her. Her office hours are flexible. most importantly she provided me with all the information I needed to keep up with the health of my teeth. Can't wait for my whitening session with her.

    Pay her a visit, I promise you will never have a better experience.

    amar jitla Avatar
    amar jitla

    Excellent place for dental cleaning. The facilities are clean and standards are very high! Recommend this place to anyone who wants a dental cleaning in comfort!

    Odette O Avatar
    Odette O
  • Had my teeth whitening & cleaned before, but with Tanya I had the best experience ever!
    Tanya made me feel comfortable while doing the treatment and she is fun!
    My teeth are white & clean like never before!
    Also she is very knowledgeable, learned so much about the Dental Health & Hygiene
    Will definitely go back when needed!
    Contact her for more info!

    Cezar Bestea Avatar
    Cezar Bestea

    I have tried few teeth whitening options and none of them worked for me. Upon googling, Olive Branch was the first name that popped up, and I can see why. Tanya is super friendly and extremely passionate about her job. Excellent job on cleaning and whitening, overall great experience and I will definitely be going back to her. Highly recommended.

    Manbir Singh Avatar
    Manbir Singh

    Beautiful space, everything is exceptionally clean. Services provided exceeded expectations. She took her time to ensure everything was perfect from my comfort to the detail of her work. She goes out of her way to ensure she meets your needs. She really cares about the community she works in. Highly recommend.

    Jackie Black Avatar
    Jackie Black

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Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.

4658 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Regular Hours:
Mon-Fri      8am-7pm
 Sat-Sun     10am-6pm

4658 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC  V5C 2K5

Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.

4658 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5


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