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"I have tried few teeth whitening options and none of them worked for me. Upon googling, Olive Branch was the first name that popped up, and I can see why. Tanya is super friendly and extremely passionate about her job. Excellent job on cleaning and whitening, overall great experience and I will definitely be going back to her. Highly recommended." - Manbir Singh


Why choose us?

At Olive Branch, we make every effort to provide for you the optimal dental hygiene experience:

Tanya, the lead hygienist and clinic owner, has over ten years of dental industry experience and is best known for providing thorough gentle dental cleanings and sound dental advice.  Tanya often receives praise for her highly ethical standards when recommending treatment.

Olive Branch has built its reputation around the quality of service and products provided to it’s patients.

Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is the dental industry’s most effective and most requested form of teeth whitening.  It can brighten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in under one hour using its advanced formula of hydrogen peroxide.

Many dental offices sell substitute whitening products to their patients, but here at Olive Branch, only the best will do for our patients!

We care a great deal about dental hygiene and a great deal about how you feel before, during, and after your appointment.  We understand that feeling good about taking care of your teeth is the best way to promote good oral health.

While we have gone to great lengths to establish a beautiful clinic with a calm and relaxing ambiance, we have also done so at no extra cost to you.  We are more affordable than a dentist office, as we follow a reduced fee guide (BC Dental Hygiene Association)  – and we accept dental insurance.  

See for yourself why patients love Olive Branch – book an appointment with us today!

Is Olive Branch more expensive than my current dental office?

No! Olive Branch uses a reduced fee guide issued by the BC Dental Hygiene Association – a fee guide that is lower than the Canadian Dental Association fee guide used by the majority of dental offices.  Per industry regulations, we are not allowed to charge more per unit of work than the fee guide recommends.

Olive Branch has great promotions on in-office teeth whitening, and we offer a 10% discount to those without dental insurance. 

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How much does a dental teeth cleaning cost at Olive Branch?

Olive Branch accepts dental insurance!
In most cases, your cleaning will cost you $0 depending on what kind of dental insurance you have.

If you don’t have dental insurance:
Olive Branch is an independent dental hygiene clinic that follows a reduced fee guide, compared to most dentist offices.  Our fee guide is issued each year by the BC Dental Hygiene Association, which means you can expect to save 10% to 30% each dental cleaning.

While the average cost varies depending on how much time is needed for the full cleaning, it usually costs around $200 for a cleaning.

At Olive Branch we love going that extra kilometer for our patients – so we offer an additional 10% discount to those without dental insurance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and ask us about our current promotions on dental teeth cleaning and whitening!


Does Olive Branch accept my dental insurance?

Yes – we accept all forms of dental insurance!

Is Olive Branch open during the weekends?

Yes – Olive Branch is open 7 days per week, and we offer flexible hours for your convenience!

I am a smoker, will I be lectured about smoking at Olive Branch?

It is your choice!  We respect that everyone lives their own life style – while we do offer coaching in smoking cessation, this service is completely optional per patient request.

I don't like radiation, do I need x-rays taken each appointment?

Olive Branch is a radiation free zone!  We believe x-rays are best left for your annual checkups by the dentist.

We will perform an oral exam during each hygiene appointment and if there is a need for x-rays we can set up a referral appointment to have them done by our dentist referral partner.


I am afraid of going to the dentist, will I be afraid to go to Olive Branch?

At Olive Branch, we make every effort to accommodate sensitive people.  If you would just like to watch TV or listen to music during your appointment, that is OK!

Can I bring my whole family to Olive Branch?

Absolutely!  At Olive Branch we have a large comfy lobby where your family can hang out, while each family member has their teeth cleaned.  We love family appointments at Olive Branch!

Dental Hygiene made Easy.

Call us today and ask about our current 
promotions on cleaning and whitening!

Dental Hygiene made Easy.

Call us today and ask about
our current promotions on
cleaning and whitening!

Tanya | RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

The Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening clinic was recently founded in 2018 by Tanya RDH, Registered Dental HygienistTanya's passion for dental hygiene began early in her career.  She started in dentistry as a surgical dental assistant and now has over 13 years of experience working with patients from all walks of life.

Tanya takes a great deal of pride in her philosophy towards dental hygiene.  Her mission is to provide her patients with the best possible experience they have had when getting their teeth cleaned or whitened.  Tanya strongly believes that every patient deserves to have an outstanding experience when visiting their preventative dental care professional. 


A few kind words from our patients

google logoOlive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.
5.0 Stars - Based on 20 User Reviews

  • Tanya is definitely the best dental hygienist I’ve ever seen so far! Moved from Victoria to Burnaby about 1 year ago and had a terrible experience at a dental clinic in metrotown area. I was very frustrated back then since it’s so hard to find a reliable dental hygienist in a new city. Until today, I met Tanya! She did a excellent job of teeth cleaning and she also took time to explain to patient of how to protect teeth. After I finished my appointment , I booked another appointment for my husband right away! I will definitely use Tanya as my go to person for dental hygiene. Don’t hesitate and book your first appointment with Tanya and you will never regret!

    Emily Li Avatar
    Emily Li

    What can I say, I have never had such a amazing and positive experience at a dental office, Tanya is absolutely amazing,she knows her stuff when it comes to the health of your teeth.

    She is very welcoming and has a great energy about her. Her office hours are flexible. most importantly she provided me with all the information I needed to keep up with the health of my teeth. Can't wait for my whitening session with her.

    Pay her a visit, I promise you will never have a better experience.

    amar jitla Avatar
    amar jitla

    Had my teeth whitening & cleaned before, but with Tanya I had the best experience ever!
    Tanya made me feel comfortable while doing the treatment and she is fun!
    My teeth are white & clean like never before!
    Also she is very knowledgeable, learned so much about the Dental Health & Hygiene
    Will definitely go back when needed!
    Contact her for more info!

    Cezar Bestea Avatar
    Cezar Bestea
  • Tanya is the sweetest, personable and hilarious girl ever. She will tell you the truth and is happy to answer all questions. I have been going to a different dentist prior and they always rushed my cleaning and never really instructed me about how to take care of my teeth. After the first 15 minutes of sitting down, Tanya was able to analyze my teeth and teach me how to floss properly and brush my teeth. She did such a thorough job cleaning my teeth! I also got to relax and watch Netflix at the same time. Time flew by so quickly! She accepts insurance for teeth cleaning as well! I totally recommend her!!!

    Melissa L Avatar
    Melissa L

    My visit was incredibly pleasant as Tanya goes out of her way to ensure the client is comfortable. The office is beautiful and exceptionally clean. I would recommend Olive Branch to anyone looking for a thorough but enjoyable results based service!

    Raven Thiara Avatar
    Raven Thiara

    What an great experience. Tanya is friendly, knowledgeable ,talented ,sincere and kind . She did an amazing job,,got my teeth cleaned,and whitend. Best cleaning I ever had ,she was so gentle ,actually enjoyed it! Its like getting a treatment ,,a spa for your mouth!
    The whitening turn out great as well! Feel like I got a whole new smile!
    Would highly recommend Olive Branch ,,beautiful space, great staff ,great prices

    Val M Avatar
    Val M
  • This office Is my go to!!! The hygienist is amazing, understanding regarding my sensitivity and also very knowledgeable. Tanya the owner is the only hygienist i trust regarding teeth cleaning and whitening. I had a bad experience at another office with teeth whitening and got badly burned, every since my experience with Tanya i don't go to anyone but her, i highly recommend anyone who hasn't gone to this clinic to go!!!!!! It is very chik,cool, and friendly office, not to mention the front desk girls are great! i even got to watch Netflix and had coffee waiting. ******MUST VISIT TANYA THE HYGIENIST*******You will love the experience as much as i did, and patients that i recommended all had the same feedback!

    Susan Lehail Avatar
    Susan Lehail

    It really helps that Tania and Shelby are wonderful people in general, taking the entire dental experience to a whole new level. I didn't feel rushed and for the first time enjoyed getting my teeth cleaned. Highly recommend!

    Glenda Coelho Avatar
    Glenda Coelho

    Great experience! Tanya is super friendly and knowledgeable about oral hygiene. Got my teeth cleaned all while getting to catch up on my Netflix in the process. Would strongly recommend!

    Brandon K Avatar
    Brandon K
  • This is NOT a typical dental hygiene office.

    This is Tanya's home. You are welcomed to her cozy clinic with an awesome smile and more selections of tea and coffee you can find in a grocery store.

    It's a spa. It's a relaxation lagoon. You will get a dental cleaning experience far beyond what you normally get.

    If only I can come clean my teeth every month, I would.

    Tim Mok Avatar
    Tim Mok

    Tanya is such a great person, and professional I have had my teeth cleaned and she did a great job explaining everything, what a great experience, will sure come again, thanks Tanya

    Michal Garcia Avatar
    Michal Garcia

    The best dentist I have ever had! Tanya was so kind and takes so much pride in her work, I am very happy that I took the time to look for the right dentist for me and I found Olive Branch! I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants an honest and real person who takes pride in their work. Olive Branch is very elegant inside, you also have entertainment(Netflix,TV) hanging on the ceiling,while you lay down,relax,while you get all the work done on your teeth. Tanya left my teeth so white and clean, that was just with a dental clean. What I also enjoyed about Olive Branch, was that Tanya gives you a lot of knowledge of dental hygiene, which saves you a lot of money and hassles in the long run. This will be the only place I would ever trust for any dental work.

    Bryan Penafiel Avatar
    Bryan Penafiel
  • I don’t think there will be any other hygienist as good as Tanya. She does such an amazing job. I am glad that I considered my friend’s referral for her. Cleaning and polishing teeth never sounded an easily job but she does it with so much ease and expertise. Loved my experience and going again soon. Would highly recommend going there. It’s worth a visit. My best ever experience at a hygiene clinic. My teeth look ? times better. Her expertise and knowledge is beyond my words to describe.

    Yuvraj Verma Avatar
    Yuvraj Verma

    Tanya was amazing. My teeth never felt so clean and well taken care of. Tanya took the time to listen to the issues I've been experiencing and it was reflected as she tried her best to make my sensitive teeth as comfortable as possible throughout the clean. At the end of the appointment, she took additional time to discuss what she found and provided information/tips on how to improve my issues. Awesome hygienist and the space is beautiful! Highly recommended!

    Doris Briscoe Avatar
    Doris Briscoe

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Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.

4658 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Regular Hours:
Mon-Fri      8am-7pm
 Sat-Sun     10am-6pm

4658 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC  V5C 2K5

Olive Branch Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Inc.

4658 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5


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